As our name suggests, we are an Evangelical Christian choir with predominantly Protestant membership. Comprised entirely of volunteer singers, we look at this as a ministry arts ensemble, not a performing arts ensemble. This is why our concerts of sacred, large-scale Christian masterworks are presented without cost of admission as our gift to the community. We do collect a free-will offering at our concerts to help us cover our expenses, and we also welcome tax-deductible gifts of all sizes from individuals, families, businesses and foundations in support of our choral ministry.

Our mission and goals, our ministry's "heart", can be described by three words:

  1. Faithfulness—Stewardship of what God has entrusted to us (i.e., this great music).
  2. Devotion—Setting apart what God has entrusted to us for His Holy purposes.
  3. Unity—Serving together as stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

Our membership grows almost entirely through recommendations from our choir members, who are expected to be active in their local churches. We trust that our singers are faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and that they also have the musical capabilities necessary to sing the repertoire.

Our annual fall concert has traditionally included several professional instrumentalists from the area (Grand Rapids Symphony, Holland Symphony, etc.). Concerts incorporate a mixture of accompanied and unaccompanied (a cappella) works, as well as spoken texts. Additional performances may be arranged in the months that follow the traditional annual fall concert, allowing us to present this unique brand of music in other venues to new audiences.