praise for past performances of the ecs

"Nothing, it turns out, could have prepared me for your excellent performance. Armed with experience, I arrived in total anticipation of a fine concert, but was left searching for words to describe your stunning performance."
--Alfred Thigpen, On-The-Town Magazine

"Overall, the chorus, orchestra and soloists of the Evangelical Choral Society did an impressive job, their only performance of the year. It's too bad they only do it once a year, as skills such as theirs deserves to be heard more often."
--Dave Rastall, Grand Rapids Press

"The singers have the kind of confidence that comes from nearly memorized parts. They produce an unusually healthy, vibrant tone, and they are extremely responsive to their talented conductor, Richard Stewart. Stewart is a talented and tireless conductor, composer, organist and educator who is not afraid to tackle difficult music for his chorus to sing."
--Richard DeVinney, Grand Rapids Press

"The tradition of great choral singing in this community goes back more than 100 years, and The Evangelical Choral Society is firmly in that tradition, as it proved again under the direction of Richard Stewart."
--Gerald Elliott, Grand Rapids Press

"There's a tragedy underlying every performance by the Evangelical Choral Society. The tragedy is they only perform once a year…If you weren't there Sunday afternoon, you're out of luck for 2000. If you weren't there, you missed something special…The sheer volume of 104 singers and 40 instrumentalists including pipe organ produced a wall of sound that was almost intoxicating."
--Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, Grand Rapids Press